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we're not big,

but we are clever

Nugget Events is a remote sustainable and ethical events agency, producing exceptional live events, experiences, exhibitions, and conferences all around the globe.

Whether it’s sports hospitality, product launches, conferences or incentives - we have you covered. We have also launched the world’s first corporate car rally - a literal spin on the corporate conference!


We earn our crust from the venues, so having your event organised won’t even cost you a penny!

We’re also proud to launch the first of its kind ‘You Book, We Donate’. Choose a charity of your choice and we will donate a % of our earnings in your companies name.

Unbound by the constraints of a normal events agency, we are a remote studio of experts and industry shakers. Nugget Events prides itself on its network of passionate, industry specialists made up of exceptionally talented people working across the world.

You won’t find our team sitting in a swanky London office. Instead, we use the latest technology to work remotely, but always side-by-side.  The way we work means you get the best of the best, wherever they are in the world, at the very best price.

Our unrivalled attention to detail, creativity and straight-talking approach has earned us a track record of delivering successful events that get raved about for years to come... for all the right reasons, of course. You can be guaranteed our strong and experienced team will always produce creative, bespoke and uniquely tailored events that match the personality of your company and meet your needs, visions and expectations.

At Nugget Events we actively encourage conversation and debate. Standing in front of delegates and just reading content from slides is no longer enough. Rid yourself of the ‘boring conference’ label and let us create something that you and your delegates will be proud of. Stand out,  stand tall, and be noticed.

Our innovative and creative approach is supported by our knowledgeable, professional and friendly team, providing full-event solutions, without all the fuss.

Everything we do we have sustainability in mind. Meaning, we will seek out greener opportunities for businesses to leave positive legacies that benefit communities and in turn host amazing events that reduce the impact on the environment. As standard, we offer advice on how you can create green policies to further your sustainable reach

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