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Incentive Management

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Nugget Events' speciality is incentive-management. Fresh enriching experiences at familiar places, our event specialists have travelled the world to offer you the best incentives, at the best price, all whilst keeping an ethical focus and driving positive change. It’s a big world out there. We’ve searched all four corners to bring you unique destinations, sure to fuel your wanderlust for places you may never have considered. There are always adventures to be had and new experiences to be enjoyed in places you wouldn’t imagine, many of which aren't accessible unless you know exactly who to go to, and at Nugget Events, we do. We’ve been there, got the t-shirt, and often the fridge magnet too!

Integrating our ethos of sustainable and ethical events into everything we do, we offer corporate clients a way to give back and actively make a difference. The world is changing rapidly and employees are looking for something more than just a great salary. Employees also want to feel good about where they work, and to leave a legacy. Now you can reward, engage and enable your staff to be part of something bigger. 


Are you searching for a way to recognise your employees for their years of service, reward them for a job well done, and retain them longer? You can achieve all three of those goals; recognising, rewarding, and retaining by instituting employee incentive programme that will have your employees striving to meet targets.

Incentive travel is all about creating life-changing experiences and lasting memories for the travellers. We’re constantly on the lookout for unusual places to send incentive groups, that has employees clambering to be on the next one. Check out our Blog for our latest destinations. 

Our agency executes and delivers boutique and large-scale incentives giving our clients total confidence. Our track record of delivering incredible incentives is made possible by our seamless and professional execution of unique experiences captivating and motivating your delegates and guests. Nugget Events understands the vital role of incentive travel. We understand our clients want to reward top-performers, motivate for high performance, retain talented staff and increase the loyalty of employees.


Nugget Events extensive experience has equipped us with a dynamic worldwide network, and a robust and flexible infrastructure that enables us to manage every aspect of your programme.

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