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It's for charity, mate!

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Nugget Events is the philanthropic events agency that gives back to those most in need, and for free.

When you book your event with us, we give a portion of our commission to your company's charity or grassroots community project of choice. Not only is our venue-finding service free, when you book, we donate. This is a great opportunity to support and raise awareness of the small, local voluntary organisations and charities on your doorstep, that your employees really care about.

Quite simply, our new, groundbreaking initiative helps business support charities they feel passionate about. If you were raised with similar values and have a business with a big heart there really is no easier way to donate, for free. At its very core, Nugget Events is a business that has found a way to use its resources to help local charities and community projects that need it the most.

If you don’t have a chosen charity in mind, we also offer a free philanthropy advice service that helps connect companies and organisations to the communities where you and your staff are based. We can help guide you and your colleagues to make a lasting impact at a grassroots level by identifying the very best community projects for support.

With our extensive social media and public relations experience, we can use various platforms and press releases to share stories of the impact your fund is having within the local communities and how your donation has benefitted others.

By booking with Nugget Events you will be making a huge difference to hundreds of thousands of people with absolutely no extra cost to you. Book today with Nugget Events to support a charity that is close to your heart.

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