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Nugget Events is a philanthropic, sustainable and ethical events agency that gives back to those most in need, for free. Nugget Events doesn’t do typical and mundane; we produce exceptional experiences that are unlike any other.

Well-executed events have the power to provoke original thinking, shape communities and transform people’s lives. Nugget Events commission give-back scheme is the first of its kind in the UK, and with a broad portfolio of high profile clients, our commitment is to ensure that every event we run has a sustainable and ethical approach at its heart rather than as an afterthought.

We have the reputation, the creativity, an array of skills and attention to detail to guarantee your event is a complete success. The challenge for us is to create unforgettable experiences that will excite, incentivise and engage, whilst delivering dynamic, measurable results, on budget, everytime.

With sustainable and ethical events at our core, Nugget Events strives to connect participants to destinations in a meaningful way, whether it's through authentic cuisine, local entertainment or giving back in a community service project, our focus is on driving positive change. There's also so much more to our services than that. You book, we donate.

There couldn’t be any easier way to support causes that are close to your heart. The best thing about Nugget Events is that it doesn’t cost you a penny and we will donate a portion of our commission in your company’s name to your chosen registered charity.


By booking with Nugget Events you will be making a huge difference to millions of people with absolutely no extra cost to you. Whatever the challenge, we can meet it.


That’s our job and we absolutely love it.



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