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Are you ready to take your brand to the next level at the MTV EMA's? Want to reach the worlds hottest stars and influencers? Well, we've got the perfect opportunity for you! Join us in the ultimate gifting experience that will put your products directly into the hands of the hottest talent, presenters, and influencers, without the hefty price tag! The best part, in 2024 the MTV EMA’s in in the buzzing city of Manchester and  will celebrate its 30th anniversary and the hottest talent and global superstars are all promising to make an appearance. 

Here's why you can't miss this chance, we have two amazing opportunities! Firstly, you can be part of the swag bags that the most influential stars will receive. Imagine your product being unboxed and admired by the biggest names in the entertainment world and promote your association on socials with our MTV EMA logo as a gifting partner. Secondly, you can set up your very own stand backstage, receive backstage passes and tickets to the show! Get ready to engage one-on-one with celebrities and influencers, creating genuine connections and immediate feedback for your brand.

The MTV EMAs attract the industry's biggest names, ensuring that your brand will be in the spotlight, reaching millions of engaged fans. With such a stellar lineup and an electrifying atmosphere, in 2024 we will celebrate the 30th anniversary on the MTV EMA's, which promises to exceed all expectations. 


At the MTV EMAs, we prioritise diversity, inclusivity, and uniqueness. To ensure a seamless and harmonious experience, all brands are pre-approved, avoiding any conflicts. We take great care to avoid featuring two brands with identical products, guaranteeing each brand the spotlight it deserves.


The MTV EMA's 2024, scheduled for November 10th, offers a perfect opportunity for brands to enhance those all important Christmas sales. The event allows brands to leverage the excitement and enthusiasm of the audience, making it an ideal time to promote and sell their products for the upcoming Christmas season.


We warmly welcome brands that embrace diversity, aligning perfectly with the ethos of the MTV EMA brand. Inclusivity is at the core of our values, and we are committed to showcasing products that resonate with our diverse and global audience.

By joining us, your brand will be part of a community that celebrates uniqueness, supports inclusivity, and embraces the spirit of the MTV EMAs. Take this opportunity to shine alongside like-minded brands and make a meaningful impact on the world stage.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to shine at the 30th anniversary of the MTV EMA's Manchester and watch your brand's star rise like never before.


Get in touch today and let your brand's authentic voice be heard and seen at the MTV EMA’s.

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