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Nugget Events is a full-service event planning agency, which means we’ll plan, manage and organise your event from start to finish. We take everything into consideration, from the overall concept down to the smallest detail.

We have relationships with the very best local and ethical suppliers across the globe and have developed key contacts who give us access to exclusive products and services. This means you not only get the best resources for your event, you get them packaged in an exclusive deal that fits within your budget.

Whatever the nature of your event, we bring your ideas to life and deliver outstanding events for your investment. With Nugget Events you can be certain of a successful event, that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Our unique team are qualified, experienced, and meticulous when it comes to arranging important occasions. Their originality, productivity and dependability mean you can be confident leaving everything in our capable hands.

Nugget Events are specialists at planning events such as, conferences, forums, seminars, roadshows, awards nights, and themed events.

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