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Nugget Events is a sustainable events agency for the next generation. We provide event management services whilst considering their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Nugget Events is proud of our rigorous sustainable approach, but we’re also aware that clients are looking first and foremost for excellence in delivery. For us, sustainability is more than just obvious green touches like recycling or banishing plastic, it goes to the very core of our business. We don’t see our sustainable approach as a gimmick, we take it very seriously.

Our commission give-back scheme is the first of its kind in the UK, and with a broad portfolio of high profile clients, our commitment is to ensure that every event we run has a sustainable, ethical and environmentally conscious approach at its heart rather than as an afterthought. By carefully considering the impact of the venues that we choose, the materials that we use, the food that we serve and how we clean up after ourselves, we create events that engage and inspire your guests whilst considering their environmental impact, carbon footprint and potential for positive social change.

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